I am Steph. I am an adventurer. A hugger. A bubbly giggler. A cold brew sipper, animal & kid lover type of person.

I believe every person's adventure should be captured! 

I have always been a creative soul & found photography as my outlet to have fun, capture candid moments & be a part of documenting your unique story! 


Family photography is my absolute passion. I love capturing the REAL connections every family has. The moments you want to freeze in time forever in their beautiful, authentic way. My heart melts over that unplanned giggle or love filled smile that truly reflects the genuine happiness that are the moments we want to cherish forever. 

I promise to have just as much as you will in your session -  we will dance, giggle, twirl, play and most importantly, capture your sweet crew just being you.

I can't wait to meet you & your tribe!


Image by the amazing Erin Schedler Photography